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Detailed steps of quality inspection of spiral duct machine It is to inspect the quality of the spiral duct machine or its parts and the quality-related elements in the production process. The purpose of the process inspection is to prevent the unqualified spiral duct machine from entering the next process and avoid batches of unqualified products. Once the inspection is unqualified, the cause should be quickly identified, and corrective or improvement measures should be taken in time, and the unqualified products should not be transferred to the next process. If a large number of unqualified products are found, the processing should be stopped in time and reported to the relevant department. Take measures to re-inspect and pass the inspection before continuing processing.
In the inspection of semi-finished products or finished spiral duct machines after the entire process of a certain processing production line or assembly workshop, the reworked and repaired parts must be re-inspected. Only after the finished product inspection is qualified, the spiral duct machine equipment is allowed Assemble and leave the factory.
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