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Can the automatic roll shear spiral duct machine be used in low temperature environments?
If you want to use the automatic roll-cut spiral duct machine in a low temperature environment, you don’t have to think about it, it must be affected to a certain extent. How should our manufacturer handle this situation with the automatic roll-cut spiral duct machine? ?We must do a good job in maintenance work and choose insulation materials, but the choice of insulation materials is also required. The following automatic roll shear spiral duct machine will tell you how to choose.
The automatic roll-shear spiral duct machine should be glued before wrapping the spiral duct with insulation material. The thickness of the glue should be uniform and there should be no glue flowing. When the insulation material is covered, the bonding is the sticking place. The knots are tight, there will be no hollowing, and there will be no air ducts exposed outside.
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